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On the Way to OneDesign

Chapter 1: Crafting a unified design language for Amazon, starting with our growing device family.


The Art of Conflux

Amazon creatives produce vibrant collateral celebrating our various thought leadership events—and their craft.


Driving Greater Diversity in Design

As “the most customer-centric company,” Amazon is making long-term investments in Design diversity.


Backstories/01: Jae Park

Jae Park, VP UX Design for Amazon Devices, joins Principal Designer Xerxes Irani for an in-studio chat about his career path and customer-centric approach to design.

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Connecting Through Sound

Creating Amazon's pioneering voice service for the home—and other shared environments.


Meet Sarita

Sr. Interaction Designer Sarita Schaffer made her foray into systems thinking and UX design through community farming.


Going Full Circle

How fresh, design-led thinking produced the lovable Echo Spot.


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