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Meet Amy M.

Amy Jimenez Marquez's role as the design manager for the Alexa Personality Team is a culmination of her multitude of experience and education in theatre.


Meet Britt

As a Senior Art Director for AWS and a cellist, Britt Barran-Stanley explores the parallels of delighting customers through storytelling to that of delighting audiences through music.


Driving Greater Diversity in Design

As “the most customer-centric company,” Amazon is making long-term investments in Design diversity.


Meet Amy A.

One of Amy Armock's, Amazon Device Design Group's UX design director, many passions includes building a diverse pipeline of future designers and helping them explore their creativity through design.


Connecting Through Sound

Creating Amazon's pioneering voice service for the home—and other shared environments.


Backstories/02: Janet Galore

Janet Galore, Creative Director for the Amazon Retail Experience Design Group (RED), joins Principal Designer Xerxes Irani for an in-studio chat about her career in design.


Who is Home?

Insights from Pi Issue 01 Love. Life. Home.


Backstories/01: Jae Park

Jae Park, VP UX Design for Amazon Devices, joins Principal Designer Xerxes Irani for an in-studio chat about his career path and customer-centric approach to design.

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