Elevating Design Summit: Inspiring Design Excellence

In the fall of 2022, design executives from various companies gathered in Seattle for Amazon Design’s Elevating Design Summit.

Sponsored by Amazon Design and facilitated by renowned designer Ayse Birsel, the Elevating Design Summit demonstrated the transformative power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in redefining design excellence. By bringing together leaders from diverse industries and providing a safe space for open discussions, the event inspired design attendees to think critically about their craft and seek innovative ways to elevate design within their teams and organizations.

The Summit: At a Glance

The idea for the Summit was sparked by a conversation among design leaders who wanted a space to share their perspectives on design excellence with the broader creative community. The Elevating Design Summit was then carefully curated to center around the theme of Design Excellence. Over the course of the event, participants engaged in thought-provoking discussions and hands-on workshops designed to challenge their understanding of excellence in design and inspire new approaches to cultivating it in their respective positions.

Ayse Birsel Guiding the Conversation

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Ayse Birsel, the author of "Design the Life You Love," led the summit using her proprietary Deconstruction: Reconstruction process. This innovative method encouraged attendees to break down complex ideas into their core components, analyze them from different perspectives, and then reconstruct them to form fresh insights and creative solutions.

Throughout the summit, design leaders shared their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices in various design disciplines, fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual learning. Interactive sessions and immersive activities provided a safe space for attendees to exchange ideas, ask questions, and challenge conventional wisdom.

Beyond the Summit

The enthusiasm and momentum generated by the Elevating Design Summit has already inspired further opportunities for collaboration and knowledge-sharing among design leaders at Amazon and beyond. If your interest is piqued and looking to get involved in future efforts with Amazon Design, keep an eye out for opportunities to engage in programs like Design Open House and Design Dialogues, which will continue to nurture these connections, and expand the conversation around design excellence and fostering a supportive creative community.