Meet Brian B.

Senior manager of UX, Delivery Experience
Let's meet Brian Barclay, Senior manager of UX for Amazon's Delivery Experience Team

Brian Barclay is the UX leader for Amazon's Large and Local Team. In this feature, Brian takes us behind the scenes, sharing his unique journey from a family deeply rooted in design to leading innovative projects at Amazon. With a focus on items that challenge conventional delivery and local commerce solutions, Brian's day-to-day is a testament to solving complex user problems with empathy and creativity.

From his earliest memories influenced by a lineage of designers to his approach of jumping to solutions and working backward, Brian embodies the spirit of innovation. He shares how his extreme approach to life, exemplified by diving headfirst into an Ironman triathlon, mirrors his professional methodology—starting with the end in mind. But it's not just about reaching the finish line; for Brian, it's about the journey of continuous learning, pushing boundaries, and fostering a supportive community.

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Brian also opens up about his passion outside Amazon—a brewery that started from humble homebrew beginnings to become a celebrated local establishment. This venture is not just a hobby but an extension of his design philosophy, where immediate feedback and iterative design are in constant play.

Join us as Brian Barclay reflects on the power of perseverance, empathy, and collaboration in design. His story is a compelling look at how one can influence the future of technology, community, and creativity, one design at a time.