Meet Rob

Director, Futures Design
Let's meet Rob Strong, Director of Futures Design for Amazon's Devices and Design Group

In the realm of design and innovation, Rob Strong, Amazon's Director of Futures, stands as a beacon of creativity and forward-thinking. His journey is not just confined to the digital space but extends into the tactile world of clay sculpting, offering a fascinating glimpse into how his passions outside of work influence his professional ethos.

Rob's foray into pottery began during his industrial design training, where he discovered the immediate gratification and tangible creation process that clay offers—a stark contrast to the often prolonged timelines of tech product launches. This balance between the rapid, hands-on creation in pottery and the meticulous, long-term development in technology reflects his approach to innovation: iterative, hands-on, and deeply human-centered.

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His engagement with ceramics serves as more than just a hobby; it's a vital escape and a method for mental relaxation. The repetitive nature of molding clay, coupled with the communal and inclusive environment of Pottery Northwest in Seattle, provides Rob with a unique space for reflection and creativity. This environment not only calms the mind but also fosters a community spirit, echoing the collaborative ethos he brings to his role at Amazon.

Rob's story beautifully illustrates how diverse interests and a commitment to inclusivity can enrich one's professional life and contribute to a more holistic approach to design and innovation. Through his journey, we're reminded of the importance of nurturing our passions and their power to inspire our work and the communities we're a part of.