While obsessing to win customer hearts, creative team wins international Pentawards

Behind every consumables private brand is the passion to delight

In an office on Amazon’s South Lake Union campus in Seattle, a team of brand designers, copywriters, print production managers, and brand managers blend talent, expertise and customer obsession to create compelling and memorable brands and products that customers love and prefer.


Part of the company’s larger Consumables Private Brands (CPB) organization, CPB Creative collaborates with cross-functional teams daily to deliver superior quality and value to customers around the world.

From Food & Beverage to Beauty, Health, and Wellness, and Household, Pets, and Sports Nutrition, CPB Creative is dedicated to delivering memorable brand experiences.

A tale of two brands, countless happy customers, and a surprise ending


Belei Skincare

No beauty secrets, only beauty solutions


Belei is Amazon’s new skincare line. Each Belei product is built around a key ingredient (or ingredients) with proven effectiveness, and is always free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates. The collection includes cleansers and masks, serums, moisturizers, and blemish control, all of which are dermatologist tested and never tested on animals.


Creating a beautiful experience

As with all news brands, CPB Creative started by traversing the rich beauty landscape to understand the emotional and practical needs of customers. Hundreds of names were developed and vetted before landing on Belei (Bə-žžžlay'). The name combines elements of “believe” and “beauty” to convey our philosophy of offering beautiful skin solutions that customers can believe in.

For the brand’s look and feel, the team’s designers explored multiple concepts with a variety of color palettes and typography. The culmination is design rooted in making an authentic connection with the seasoned skincare customer.


The brand voice balances a friendly and casual tone with a simple and direct approach in providing the essential information customers are looking for. This is succinctly captured in the brand promise—“No Beauty Secrets, Only Beauty Solutions,” which underscores Belei’s results-oriented approach.


Punctuating the customer encounter is Belei’s soothing palette—chosen to complement a fresh start or clean finish to the customer’s day. The subdued color-blocking and tastefully restrained typographic pairing on packaging imbues a calm, spa-like sophistication to vanities and bathroom counters.


“We created a design that bridges the luxury and drugstore beauty realms”

“We created a design that bridges the luxury and drugstore beauty realms,” says Nicole Harter, Associate Creative Director, in describing the design approach. “Ingredients and benefits are prominently featured and simply described to aid in an effortless shopping experience.” Highlighting the omission of potentially irritating or harmful ingredients such as parabens and pthalates furthers the team’s effort by providing crucial information upfront.



Give your body something to smile about


Revly is an Amazon-owned brand of vitamins, supplements, and nutrition products. The offering encompasses an array of wellness support for everything from bones and joints, and digestion to energy, sleep, and protein. The assortment includes gummies and powders, as well as vegan and organic options.


An energetic approach

To differentiate Revly in an already healthy category, CPB Creative drew inspiration from its target audience—active adults looking for a holistic and proactive approach to daily overall wellness.


Naming was extensive, exploring directions from coined to descriptive and everything in between.

As the exploration winded down, “Revly” rose to the top. Coined from the verb, “rev,” (to accelerate, become revved up), the simple, optimistic sound is apropos for “people who like to squeeze the most out of every moment.”

After studying the breadth of packaging in the competitive landscape, the design team pursued a range of creative options and elements for the brand’s look and feel. The result offers a sunny, energetic take on a daily routine.


“…a gleeful, if not outright beaming, expression of balance and zest”


Caitlin Field, Sr. Packaging Designer for Revly, describes the logomark as, “a gleeful, if not outright beaming, expression of balance and zest.”


Field further explains how clean, even line weights, cozy negative spaces, and rounded, welcoming forms combine to create a lowercase mark that “embodies the brand’s friendly, youthful sensibilities while conveying quality and trust.” Darker foil accents radiating from the logo add illumination and depth.


Color plays a significant role for Revly. Each functional subcategory of supplements is differentiated by a unique color from the brand’s nature-inspired palette, enabling easy navigation when shopping online, and later, on crowded shelves and cupboards in the home. Each hue is paired with an icon to create simple shorthand for each of Revly’s subcategory offerings. Monoline icons are inspired by the cyclical motion of biological cycles.


Complementing the design system is a brand voice that speaks to customers the way they aspire to live. Sarah Bergey, Sr. Copywriter for Revly, summarizes the brand’s tone as one that celebrates their desire to “embrace every moment, fill their lungs with fresh air, and revel in the joy of feeling strong, healthy, and ready for anything.”


Noted for its visually iconic qualities, Revly’s eye-catching packaging and inspiring, energized voice appeals to those seeking their personal best at every age.

International recognition for design — a welcome surprise

In September 2019, CPB Creative was recognized with Pentawards for the packaging design of Belei and Revly. While the most coveted goal of any CPB Creative project is winning the hearts of customers, winning a couple of prestigious Pentawards for design excellence is welcome too.

Belei | Gold Award | Body category

Contributors: Daniele Monti, Director of Brand Design; Jen Polaski, Creative Director, Design; Carole Hurst, Creative Director, Copy; Nicole Harter, Associate Creative Director; Sarah Bergey, Sr. Copywriter; Lauren Kang, Sr. Brand Manager; Kyle Fuson, Production Lead; Michael Dwyer, Sr. Print Production Manager

Revly | Bronze Award | Body category

Contributors: Daniele Monti, Director of Brand Design; Toki Wolf, Creative Director, Design; Carole Hurst, Creative Director, Copy; Caitlin Field, Sr. Designer; Sarah Bergey, Sr. Copywriter; Dena Taylor, Sr. Copywriter; Lauren Kang, Sr. Brand Manager; Kyle Fuson, Production Lead; Jamie Hinderer, Sr. Print Production Manager


Established in 2007, Pentawards was the first- and is now the leading competition exclusively devoted to recognizing excellence in global packaging design. The 2019 awards were presented in London this past September to an audience of 350 of the world’s design and packaging leaders. One Diamond, five Platinum, 58 Gold, 118 Silver and 113 Bronze awards were bestowed along with awards for Agency of the Year; Brand of the Year; and the NXT-GEN award for best student entry.


With submissions from all over the world, Pentaward competition is fierce. A carefully selected international jury judges each entry for quality of design, brand expression, creativity and innovation, and emotional connection. These are bar raisers in the truest sense and the entire CPB organization is proud to have them recognize our work.


Customer delight—a story without end

“We embarked on this journey some four years ago with the intent of creating brand-building capabilities in-house,” said Daniele Monti, Director of Brand Design for CPB. “It’s great to see our work recognized not only by our customers, but by industry experts. It puts us on the map to attract top creative talent as we continue to grow and deliver quality work that resonates with customers.”


“It’s great to see our work recognized not only by our customers, but by industry experts.”


Check out the winning Belei and Revly entries at Pentawards.


For online brand expression and assortment info, visit the Belei and Revly pages.

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