Creating Space For Inclusion

We recently connected with Brendan Gramer, UX Leader and President of Amazon People with Disabilities affinity group (AmazonPwD), to discuss how AmazonPwD has impacted inclusive design at Amazon.

Brendan, who’s been at Amazon for over a decade, recalled the original motivation behind creating AmazonPwD was based on two words; Belonging and Representation. Brendan stated that "AmazonPwD gives us the ability to have a voice at Amazon. One that will help us improve our workplace inclusivity and help us feel like we belong here.” The group's foundation is in creating a psychologically safe space for people that may need different types of support in order to bring their ideas to life.

Too often we think we are done designing a product without asking if it is accessible. That’s what we are working to change...

Having that voice and a seat at the table allows Amazon to hear the voice of current and future customers that are living with a variety of disabilities. The group itself is an umbrella that encompasses many specific communities based on how members identify.

Designing Together

Under the Accessibility umbrella there is also a group called AUX, which Brendan works directly with. This is a community of designers from all areas of the company that come together and aid in the larger mission of designing more inclusive products and services for all Amazon customers.