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Black Stories/13: Remy Merriex

Executive Creative Director, Remy Merriex, joins Media Producer Justin James Lopez, to discuss the importance of recognizing support systems and finding peace in your decisions. Let’s hear his Story!


Drawing After Dark

Once a month, Amazonians from diverse creative backgrounds and skill levels connect through an instructor led figure drawing event.


Black Stories/12: Felicia Williams

Felicia Williams, Director of UX at Google London, joins Media Producer Justin James Lopez to discuss how she went from growing up in Oklahoma to leading design teams in London. Let's hear her story!


A Peculiar Series: Doug Cerny

Meet Doug Cerny, Sr. UX Designer on Amazon’s Buy with Prime team with 15+ years of experience in systems thinking, Human Factors, UX, design, and research. Let's learn his story...


Backstories/01: Amazon Astro's Voice?

This episode features host, Donald Burlock Jr., and guests, Chelsea Titus and Mike Forst as they discuss how the team decided on the sound design behind Amazon Astro. Let's hear their story!


There And Back Again!

Why do people leave Amazon and choose to return? Let's learn from Jim Dantzler and Kris Bell on their reason to 'Boomerang'...


Black Stories/11: Khalen Morehead

Khalen Morehead, UX designer at Amazon, joins Media Producer Justin James Lopez to discuss how to balance personal growth and helping others grow. Let's hear his story...


A Design and Research Journey...

Amazon’s Last Mile team spent two and a half weeks in Europe researching Amazon’s global package delivery processes. We talked with Justin Schafer, Sr. UX designer who gave us details about the trip.


Black Stories/10: Sylas Souza

UX Leader, Sylas Souza, joins Black Stories to talk about the cultural differences between life in Brazil and America. Let's hear his story...


Meet Corey

Amazon Game Studios Director of UX & UI

Amazon Game Studios Director of UX & UI, Corey Dangel's hobbies—all involving creative problem solving and craft—make him better at his job.


Cloudscape Open Source Design System

After six years of research and hard work, we’re excited to announce the open source launch of the AWS Cloudscape Design System! Read on to learn about how we approached the creation process...


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