Amazon Design Education + TAF = STEMD

Amazon Design Education Program Partners with the Technology Access Foundation

Working with the Technology Access Foundation (TAF) students and staff has been a joy! As cliché as it may sound, I saw myself in them. Being around them made me look back at my life from when I started getting into design to where I’m at now. There’s no way that I could be here now without the help of others in the design community.


The program that I volunteered for with TAF offered students the opportunity to share what they’ve worked on with an audience of Amazon designers. This happened after a semester long course taught by the educators at TAF, along with the help of a few Amazonians.


Volunteering for these events through the Amazon Design Education + Diversity program has given me the chance to give back to the community by helping these students get a better understanding of where a design career can lead them and be part of what inspires them to follow their dreams in design.

Photos by Jesse Penico, Kelsie Denner, and Alena Washburne

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About TAF

TAF is a nonprofit leader in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education, working to address equity in education for students of color. The Amazon Design Community has built a great partnership with them through our Introduction to Design & Design Thinking Program – a series of content modules and activities introducing students to design fundamentals, while also building awareness that design is an attainable career aspiration that benefits tremendously from diverse perspectives. For more information about TAF, please visit:


About Design Education + Diversity

Design Education + Diversity is an initiative within the Amazon Design Community focused on creating and leading programs to prepare the next wave of designers for promising careers in tech.