Conflux Q2 2018: Matt Menz

The history of wayfinding, cartography, and abstract mapping as prelude to modern UX.

Matt Menz joined AWS in 2016 as Director of the UXDR and Console group, leading a design and research team that guides more than 100 services including machine learning, IoT, compute, storage, data analytics, developer tools and video production.

Trained as a graphic designer, Matt joined Sapient early in his career and collaborated with clients like Nickelodeon, IBM, and Fila. Motorola’s Advanced Concepts group was the next stop, working with the MIT Media Lab, before moving to London to open the EMEA Design Centre. As the company reinvented itself following the Google acquisition, Matt’s role expanded to lead design across the mobile, tablet and wearable portfolios. After an 18 month “retirement,” filled with travel and fatherhood, he joined Citrix to lead the brand, business intelligence, and design team working on several products including Go-To-Meeting and ShareFile.