The Art of Conflux

Amazon creatives produce vibrant collateral celebrating our various thought leadership events—and their craft.

Amazon Design's largest single program produces internal thought leadership and professional enrichment events including quarterly Seattle-based design conferences, speaker series, workshops and celebration events that connect and ignite the Amazon design community: 15 individual ADC Conflux events have been produced to date with total live attendance of over 4,000, with thousands more participating online. The program is expanding elsewhere around the world with 2019 Conflux events already slated for Costa Rica, London and Chennai.

Since the program's inception in 2014, Amazon creatives have produced a beautiful collection of vibrant, event-related print and motion collateral that celebrates our Conflux speakers and topics—as well as their craft.

Here's just a sampling; motion playing above, print gallery below...

Conflux Posters

Tyler Moore 2014

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